Fermenting a Farming System – 25 Magazine: Issue 2

BRONWEN PERCIVAL offers an insight from the specialty cheese industry in Issue 2 of 25 Magazine Like coffee, cheese is a fermented food. But unlike coffee producers, the cheese industry has largely relied on commercial starter cultures – strains of bacteria with defined properties – to drive its fermentations for over a century. Most cheesemakers regard...



The Coffee Cup Made from Coffee – 25 Magazine: Issue 2

HuskeeCup, manufactured with discarded coffee husks, launched successfully on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in June and goes into pre-production this autumn. As the Sustainable Sourcing Manager of Taylors of Harrogate and the Sustainability Committee Co-Chair of the British Coffee Association, DR. KRISZTINA SZALAI, has a keen interest in innovative and sustainable products. She interviewed Saxon...


Peru Steps Into the Limelight – 25 Magazine: Issue 2

Photo: Jonathan Meadows By DARRIN DANIEL and GEOFF WATTS for Issue 2 of 25 Magazine Cup of Excellence (COE) is an explosive catalyst for change that has unlocked the door to advancement for growers in every country it operates, forever altering the trajectory of both individual farmers and entire regions. With 117 competitions conducted and 2,975...