Bambi Semroc: Will Climate Change and Increased Coffee Demand Lead to New Deforestation?

As climate change progresses, coffee growing has the potential to encroach into critical forest lands. Bambi Semroc, Senior Strategic Advisor for Conservation International’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, presents the findings of a new study at #RecoAtlanta exploring this potential shift in production.

Xavier Hamon: Improving Climate Change Resilience for Smallholder Coffee Farmers

To address climate change requires collaboration through the entire value chain—in this #RecoAtlanta talk, Xavier Hamon from Twin (a development through trade NGO), illustrates this through the story of a precompetitive Twin initiative between two UK roasters and smallholder producers in Peru, making the positive shift from business as usual to unusual business.

Can Coffee Shippers Hit the ‘Reset’ Button for Supply Chain Risks?

Sponsored content provided by Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency, Inc.  By Adam C. Rekerdres Reksons is a family-owned insurer specializing in origin-forward insurance of coffee traders since 1953. We have found that there are three classes of coffee shippers: Shippers who finance their supply chain risk Shippers who took their exposure to supply chain risks …

Chad Trewick | The Clarity of Hindsight

To understand the risks and challenges facing the coffee supply chain, you have to understand the risks and challenges facing coffee-growing communities. Chad Trewick, a longtime green coffee buyer and founder of Reciprocafé, shares his insights on how tackling these challenges head on, and communicating them honestly to consumers, can better address coffee supply risks.