Increase Your Potential for Sales and Exports at The Event with The Cupping Exchange

Presenting your coffee at a booth on the show floor can be a great way to get the attention of potential buyers, however there’s an additional opportunity to present the special features of your coffee, enticing cuppers and buyers with a true taste of your coffee repertoire. The Cupping Exchange provides the opportunity to engage and interact with potential buyers and the increased potential for sales.

The Cupping Exchange was created by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to facilitate professionally orchestrated cupping sessions during the annual exposition. At the 2013 Boston Event, we will offer two separate cupping rooms that can be rented in 90-minute time slots. Each cupping room consists of all the necessary cupping tools and infrastructure such as hot water towers, cups, grinders, scales, spoons, etc.

During the past four years, the Cupping Exchange has been used for different purposes: the promotion of green coffee export offerings, the comparison of single-origin flavor profiles, and the benchmark of testing of different roasting systems. As the 2011 Portrait Country, Brazil organized a series of popular cupping sessions at the Cupping Exchange. In Portland in 2012, 15 companies hosted sessions. Café de Nicaragua presented an afternoon of cupping while Honduras Beneficio Santa Rosa offered a full day. In Portland, nearly 500 cuppers rotated through the Cupping Exchange. That was more than twice the number we experienced in Houston.

A key benefit of the Cupping Exchange is the fact that these sites conform to all the stringent technical requirements as required by the SCAA for cupping labs. As a result, a prospective buyer and participating cupper will feel adequately “at home” and she/he will have no or little distractions during the actual cupping sessions.

If you’re interested in participating, it is highly recommended that you reserve your slot early, as the available capacity is limited. Most important is the timely promotion for the cupping event itself. Ideally, prospective participants should be invited at least four weeks in advance. The roasting for the Cupping Exchange should be prepared no longer than 48 hours in advance. SCAA staff can assist you with any possible technical question about the preparation.

Reservations for the Cupping Exchange are required and may be made by contacting Lisa Pacini at or completing a reservation form at