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Barista Bath and Body (b3) is the first full line of coffee-based beauty and grooming products to leverage the benefits of coffee for the hair and skin. We use organic fair-trade coffee in all its forms – brewed, ground, oil and extract. But Why Coffee? Coffee is high in antioxidants – up to 550mg per cup, more than green tea or blueberries! Brewed coffee has a pH of 4.0 – 4.5, ideal for moisturizing and protecting both the skin and hair.

Coffeehouses across the country are including the award-winning b3 product line—triple shot 3 coffee shower gel, room for cream exotic origin body crème, froth indulgent coffee and peppermint lip balm, grind coffee face polish, and buzz coffee shave cream as new and unique retail offerings with great success!

Visit us at the SCAA convention in Portland at Booth 1021 or for information on wholesale distribution opportunities go to www.b3products.com.