Finalists for the Sustainability Award Announced

The SCAA Sustainability Council is extremely proud to showcase four extraordinary finalists for the 2011 Sustainability Award. This year we received a multitude of nominations and we’re excited to see how much passion for the cause has permeated the coffee industry. The four finalists have exhibited dedication to sustainability across the supply chain by creating projects that consider social, economic, and environmental development. To learn more about the finalists and what they’ve done to further the cause of a more sustainable coffee industry, check out the upcoming issue of The Chronicle which will feature more detailed profiles. Then stop by the SCAA facebook and let us know what you think.

The four finalists are (click photos to be directed to websites):

Cafe Feminino


Climate Friendly Coffee Farming
A partnership between Efico, Rainforest Alliance, and Anacafe


Grounds for Health


National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia
Bird Census


The Sustainability Council will convene in January 2011 and decide on a winner to be announced at the opening ceremonies of The Event in Houston on April 28, 2011.

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