25 Magazine: Issue 03


European Extraction Preferences in Brewed Coffee

By PETER GIULIANO In 1957, Professor E. E. Lockhart, Scientific Director of an organization called the Coffee Brewing Institute, wrote: “…the most acceptable cup of coffee would be prepared if the soluble solids ranged between 1.15 and 1.35 percent and the extraction between 18 and 22 percent.” -- From the Soluble Solids in Beverage Coffee...



SCA Lectures Podcast #13: Building a Roasting Plant

In this episode of the SCA Podcast from the 2017 Specialty Coffee Expo, Andi Trindle, Director of Coffee at Philz Coffee (and member of the Coffee Roasters Guild Unification Committee) moderates a panel of coffee roasting professionals discussing the process of managing the building of a roasting plant. Learn how to manage the design, build...


The Economics of Coffee: Understanding Profitability at Farm Level – 25 Magazine: Issue 3

CHAD TREWICK introduces the main discussion points in the SCA’s Farm Profitability Report in Issue 3 of 25 Magazine. When delegates voted with their feet, they confirmed what many of us have advocated for some time: the coffee industry cannot ignore a risk to production on a global scale. In a bid to better understand the...

International Competitions

Congratulations to the 2018 Cezve/Ibrik Champion!

By CONNOR CLARKE Congratulations to Slava Babych, representing Ukraine, who has become the 2018 Cezve/Ibrik Champion! Over three days, we've seen some great performances from seven coffee professionals in the Cezve/Ibrik Championship. The final ranking also included Marina Khuyppenen, representing Russia, who placed in 2nd, with Koray Erdoğdu representing Turkey in 3rd, and Sumit Shrestha...